Web Design; What trends can we expect in 2012?

As 2011 draws to an end, emerging trends in web design for 2012 have already started doing the rounds. The year that is about to end has been good for some as well as bad for others but it somehow served everyone. Famous blogs are already uploading abundant content related to New Year ranging from wallpapers to new year calendars designs.

Every design is special and with immaculate printing services it even looks perfect in use. While some trends have been around for a long time, others have slowly developed in the past year and are expected to expand further in 2012. Here are some predictions for web designing trends during 2012.


This fairly new concept has been under the spotlight this year and will only become more popular in 2012. Although it is expected to become commonplace in a few years, responsive web pages with fluid layouts is an exciting new concept in web designing.


Several popular websites like Mozilla and MailChimp are incorporating adorable vector mascots on their websites as they are easily recognized and add value to the visual aesthetics of the page. These endearing mascots are expected to take over the web designing world by 2012. It has also been noticed that banner and ribbon style graphics have become popular in the last few months and will continue to be so in 2012.


This seemingly random trend has been observed in several websites that are extensively using circles to illustrate links, icons and graphic portfolios. This trend was noticed in several websites especially photography portfolios. The simple circular shape is appealing and communicative and can be accompanied by CSS3 or jQuery graphics to provide stunning animation.

 4.      CUSTOM FONTS:

Online font libraries like Typekit provide free fonts for web designers. With the help of JavaScript, web designers can create impressive custom fonts in CSS styles. This trend has been very popular with WordPress designers this year and is expected to gain more popularity in blog designing during 2012.


Simplicity has always been stressed upon. Simple graphics paired with striking composition always produces appealing results. However, creating simple designs is very tough as the designer has to communicate the right message using the least number of elements. As the main objective of any website is to guide the visitor or provide information, it is best to keep them minimalist and organized.


Gone are they days when every page was accompanied with a series of moving imagery and music. Animated graphics are now created through HTML5, jQuery or CSS3 as they are simple to use and deliver excellent results.


Information present in a visual medium has always been more efficient than plain text. The trend of including infographics to present information in websites has been catching up swiftly in the last year.

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