Design Process

Working with me you are assured of a consistent methodology in carrying out the project you require developing.

My five-point process starts with knowing your goals and does not end when the project is finished. I continue to support you to ensure that you achieve the results you’re aiming for.

Identify & Plan

The first step is to know you, our client, and your customers through interviews. I tend to ask many questions. I like to dig deeper to get a thorough understanding of your priorities and your customers’ needs. Then I go on to conduct a web usage analysis to understand the behavior of your customers and how they navigate your website. Armed with the essential information, I now create a site map and the specifications required to build your website.

Innovate & Design

When designing your website, I adhere to the principle of creating a perfectly balanced website in terms of aesthetic, functionality and usability. One cannot be more than the others. At this stage, I create the concept, art direction, user interaction workflow, system and database design for your website.


The website I design is compliant with the web standards. This is to your advantage because it gives your website greater visibility in web searches, and your web pages can be accessed by people with disabilities, such as the visually impaired visitors. Furthermore, by complying with web standards with its set of rules, your website is more stable, allowing a new developer the ease to continue working where the former has left off.

Quality control & deploy

Once the website has been designed, I embark on a rigid internal quality assurance test and a user acceptance test. The website is only launched following a successful trial run.

Manage & Grow

My work doesn’t end when the website is launched. I continue to care and support you by measuring the effectiveness of the site. I conduct periodic review to enhance and extend your site with new technology, as well as regularly monitor the capability of your web infrastructure. This way, I can ensure the continuous improvement and growth of your website.