Magento – the Platform for e-Commerce Professionals

Magento is one of the most popular shopping carts with around 200,000 live stores.  Its platform provides merchants with unlimited flexibility and customizability.

But let’s ask ourselves a simple question – who can really use it well? The answer, Magento is a solution for highly skilled programmers, so if you are not a programmer then you should get ready to pay for development. Due to this, the platform is usually used by larger businesses that can cover the high costs with a much lower percentage of their revenue.

Let’s take a deeper look at the distinctive features of Magento shopping cart:

  1. It is an open source solution so E-merchants can choose a hosting provider that will meet their business needs on their own. Be sure to first check Magento’s system requirements before selecting your hosting plan and provider.
  2. There is no limit on the number of products or categories allowed, so this shopping cart can easily handle much larger businesses.
  3. An eye-catching design can be created with by hiring an experienced magento designer. Nonetheless, any minor changes to in magento require a high level of technical skills.
  4. All available payment gateways and shipping options can be added to the store with the help of third party modules.
  5. Dozens of product and order management features are provided. Moreover, bulk actions provide store owners with the ability to manage catalogues quite quickly.
  6. Merchants can start efficient promo campaigns with the help of Magento marketing options. Advanced coupon code system is an example of a useful tool to increase sales.
  7. This platform can help you to get the highest search engine rankings through its advanced SEO features.
  8. Magento can be integrated with WordPress, which means merchant can easily start a blog to help boost traffic.

Huge online retailers and famous brands recognize Magento as a key to their success. It offers tons of features that can be expanded with thousands of third-party modules. Moreover, this solution provides a unique feature – multi-store management.

Merchants can manage several stores with completely different products, customers, languages, currencies, taxes rules, etc. from a single admin panel.

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