Web Design and Development

I design, develop, measure and optimize Websites

Years in the business I assure my clients that my web development services are not a hit-or-miss proposition. I use proven principles and methodology honed over the years for the successful design and maintenance of websites. In designing a website, I combine audio, visual, motion, and interactive to come up with a compelling product. The websites are visually pretty, clear, and effective in reaching out to the target audience. The websites help with the company’s branding, revenue generation, and business growth. I achieve all these by knowing our customers first, their products and market position. I then go on to build a blueprint for accomplishing the client’s business goals and help this translate into a purposeful design model.

My job doesn’t end in the design. I make sure that the website is user-centric, and help clients on website optimization to bring in the desired return on investments. The bottom line is a successful website is one that contributes to the company’s bottom line!

Design for serious websites

Once a Web site has gone live it can be quite a chore to add new content and keep it looking fresh. A Content Management System – or CMS – can make it easier and cost-effective to keep your site up-to-date, thus giving visitors a reason to return regularly.

CMS are tailor made for each website to fit in the business logic and the content properties. You can create and manage the content with pre-designed template, putting control of content into the hands of your business experts. The CMS is built in scalable framework. You will always have the flexibility to extend the CMS and the website to larger scale and the time come.

Features to increase your productivity

  • Decentralized management, centralized control
  • Preview and approve the content before launch
  • Delegate various administrators/officers to manage different set of contents
  • Scheduling for publishing new content and archiving out-dated contents- So you never need to wait or forget
  • Database and page caching to accommodate more traffic and reduce server resources
  • Built-in SEO features. The pages created are optimized to be findable by search engines

Scalable Architecture, the CMS for large scale websites

  • High Availability(HA) and Load Balancing clustering ready
  • Mirror or regional sites across the continents (Yes, and it’s still manageable in a single Admin Platform)
  • Native support Oracle and also MySQL databases
  • Built on modern MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework, ease of future functional updates.

Services & Solutions:

  • Website design & development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E-Commerce
  • Information architecture & site planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site usability analysis