Interactive Marketing

Attract and convert online visitors to customers

Technology has changed the way brands connect with their audiences. Businesses who want to be at the forefront of competition have no other choice today but to engage in interactive marketing. I offer companies the strategic and tactical tools and counsel to succeed in the world of the exciting new media.

With our creativity and innovation, I combine creativity and Internet technology to enhance our client’s market presence. I show clients how to use the website and make it into a revenue engine. With my experience and skills, I aim to increase website generation and page views, convert online visitors to consumers by providing quality online customer experiences and engaging them. I will achieve this through thoroughly understanding our client’s business, to know their target group and goals, before creating an interactive platform.


My comprehensive process takes you from marketing planning to execution, to optimizing the solution. It involves:

  • Defining a Target Group and Goal
  • Creating Your Interactive Platform
  • Generating Awareness and Influence
  • Harnessing Data, Analytics and Optimization

Essential component of marketing mix

Over 90% of internet users access email with over half of them doing so on a daily basis. Most of us spend much longer on email than on surfing the web. Email marketing pushes your message to the recipients, initiate automated response loops and tracking users responses.

About Email Marketing

You can use email as part of your sales process, sending out email invitation to events, highlighting new products, to make special offers, and keep constant contact with your customer with electronics newsletters. You may also use is as part of your retention and loyalty programs.

Mass Mailing Platform

  • Manage your email campaigns, mailing list and target groups.
  • Broadcast your email that follow the Best Practice, and Hong Kong anti-spamming ordinances.
  • The Artificial Intelligence of the mail queue system ensures the fast delivery and avoiding trigger anti-spamming protection of recipients’ email systems.
  • Track the open rate and click through rate of the emails.
  • Compare various campaigns performance with analytics reports.

Email Template Design

How can your email compete for the space in your customer’s inbox? I can help you to create the rich-format email which effectively pushing the website to the customer rather than waiting for the customer to surf to the site.

Services & Solutions

  • Website design & development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E-Commerce
  • Information architecture & site planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site usability analysis