Latest Web Design Trends @ 2011

Over the past few years, we have witnessed so many changes in the web design arena. Although, 2011 is not completed yet, but the trends of web designing so far has been extremely inspirational and worth mentioning. One word that summarizes the web design trend of 2011 is the ‘flexibility’. Now browsing the web is not limited up to sitting at the desktop with 17inches screen. The current trend is extremely fabulous that allows you to visit your favorite websites from Netbook, Smartphone, Tablets and so many other devices. At present, a web designer needs to think over these facts when creates a design. Well, the look & quality of the design cannot be compromised but along with these the web design trend of 2011 is more about the functionality. In this post, we have made an effort to provide you with some notable factors of the latest web design trend.

1)    3D Effect– Now a day, 3D effect has also traveled into the web design arena. In 3D effect, deep sensitivity creates dimension that gives a feel like some parts of your design is getting out of the screen, while others go back into the distance. This effect can highlight the most important part of your website.

2)     One Page Layout– This is one of latest trend use to create one page websites which includes the entire content in a single web page. It is a cost effective trend & best for creating personal websites.

3)     Simple Design– It is well said that if your message is worth to receive, you don’t need to use bells and whistles to make it audible to your audience. When we talk about simple design, it should be simple but not boring. You need to manage the color scheme in such a way that the design retains its simplicity along with a grace.

4)     Big Footers– Big footers are still being used and counted as the most prevailing trend of the web design. Lots of additional information can be inserted in big footers.

5)     Typography– The typography is always being an important aspect of web designing and the designer always consider it as the hottest trend of the web design.

6)     Large Headers– This trend has been emerged in order to grab the attention of users because header is the most visible part of any website. The user decides within 10 seconds for further staying on the website. Big headers play a significant role in attracting user attention.

7)     Black and White Icons– As icons are significant part of the web design, it is imperative to present them in an attractive way. As far as the present trend is concerned, black & white icons are the used in maximum websites.

8)    Social Media Icons– From the last few years, social media has been doing a great job in enhancing the credibility of your website. This brings the trend of using social media icons like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. on the website.

9)    Interactive Design– The days of static designs are almost gone and the trend of interactive design for your website is still continues in 2011. You might have witnessed the sites which usually update their web page content and easily embed videos, audios, surveys, etc on the website.

10)    Use of HTML5 & CSS3– Without inclusion of HTML5 & CSS3, the discussion on the latest design trend is partial. Both HTML5 and CSS3 enable the websites easier to build and link with social tools. Rather than this, both new versions provide more usable features to the website that certainly enhance its credibility.


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